Solar Power today is the cheapest source of electricity across the world. While investment in solar energy has grown beyond $ 1 trillion, it has also become highly competitive. 10% underperformance can wipe out equity and 25% underperformance can lead to a default on loan. Unfortunately, this fate awaits 70% of the solar assets (Source: kWh Analytics).

Solar plants are typically spread across 100’s of acres of land and millions of solar panels. Identifying losses that can then be addressed to increase generation of solar plants, is like finding a needle in a haystack. The challenge of using data and technology to generate more clean energy is both inspiring and noble and also the purpose of Prescinto’s existence. But, why stop at solar! Prescinto’s core platform is scalable across industries and will be a major force to reduce losses and wastages to ZERO.


To Unlock the True Potential of People and
Assets through Actionable Intelligence

Our Values

Problem Solving

We solve big problems. Our solutions are built on a deep understanding of Domain and Technology. Solutions which alter industries.

Customer Centricity

Our customers trust us to solve their problems. They trust us with the health of their plants and investment. In turn, we ensure that we build our product, our teams and our company around helping them meet their goals.


We are inspired by growth. We draw out strength from our aspirations and we work hard and we work smart to will our aspirations into existence.


Ideas are dime a dozen. It's execution that matters. While our eyes are on the future, our feet are firmly grounded. We ship code, we onboard projects, we create value - every hour, every day.


Every problem of a customer or company or team member, is our problem. We are professionals but we are also partners in success and in failure.


Our business is to reduce loss to ZERO - of clean energy in power plants, of manhours that go into excel sheets, of labour that is wasted on meaningless tasks.

News & Updates

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