Manage operations while reducing costs

A Comprehensive Toolkit for

Track and manage all operational tasks, their status, and the resulting impact on performance within a single platform.



Improve operations with

Performance Diagnostics

Prescinto, through its proprietary, data science models (patent pending), identifies and pinpoints the areas of generation loss and empowers you to resolve respective system faults or failures in a focused manner.

Crew Management

Increase the productivity levels of your site crew to complete tasks and ensure best practices through Prescinto's Computerized Maintenance Management System module. Give specific and safe instructions and track progress in real time.

SLA Management

Keep an eye on all activities through Prescinto. The platform can help in managing deliverables and their timelines from within the dashboards, enabling you to benchmark committed service level agreements with your clients.

Reviews and Reporting

For effective monitoring, Prescinto provides fully customizable reports that compile and review data for performance. Report generation can be automated to be delivered across multiple mediums or downloaded.

Inventory Management

Optimize the consumption of spares across your portfolio with inventory management that tracks availability, warranty, and future requirements. This will enable you to reduce wastage and costs.

EHS Management

The wellbeing of companies human resources is of paramount importance. Prescinto augments the safety of your teams and surrounding environment by closely monitoring and alerting teams in case of unsafe or unexpected incidents.

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Project Operator’s Prescinto Journey

Data Acquisition

Onboard data onto the platform with its secure and seamless support of all major protocols (OPC-UA/DA, Modbus, FTP, OSI-PI, etc.)

Team & Asset Configuration

Configure asset details as well as users and their access rights based on role and need.


Fully customizable dashboards with flexible widgets to monitor portfolio, plant, and device level performance


Configure automated delivery of user-defined reports to a host of devices for efficient and timely communication

Preventive, Corrective, & Predictive Maintenance

Execute corrective & preventive work orders created for efficient operations & improved productivity

Analysis For Cost Optimization

Benchmarking and tracking allows for analysis leading to improved operational efficiency and subsequent cost optimization

Testimonials Some of the leading names in the industry are improving their ROI with Prescinto

Prescinto has a unique combination of in-depth sector specific tools to identify reasons of underperformance, have them visualized at a portfolio, plant and a device level and then convert them into work orders for site teams. Prescinto was also able to give us the customization in dashboards and reporting that we follow as a best practice across our group.

Amit Kumar Mittal Senior Vice President and Head Operations

Radiance Renewables


Prescinto is also Built for...

For operators

Centralized Dashboards

Track equipment and plant level performance data through customizable centralized dashboards with widgets suitable for roles such as engineering, operations, and finance

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Loss Bucketing

Using loss waterfall charts, categorize leaks and losses to underlying equipment. Optionally enable automated work orders for plant crew

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Portfolio Management

The platform is capable of working with a host of equipment manufacturers from across the globe, enabling scalability and ease of configuration. This gives users a comprehensive portfolio-level view allowing plant level benchmarking

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