Much More than just a SCADA

An End-to-End Solution for
Project Owners

Deploy a single scalable AI-enabled solution to monitor your renewable energy asset performance across your portfolio. Identify reasons for under performance, narrow it down to the device and take timely actions to increase generation.


Key Features

Prescinto equips your product with...

Generation Enhancement

Prescinto, through its proprietary data science models (patent pending), identifies causes of generation loss, narrows it down to device level and empowers you to resolve it in real-time, thereby improving plant efficiency and increasing generation.

Portfolio-wide visibility

Manage a portfolio of assets, from solar, wind, energy storage and more, as Prescinto’s scalable solution collates data from a number of sources and helps compare and benchmark performance of equipment across multiple projects.


With Prescinto you are always in control. Keep a track on fault detection, temperature monitoring or downtime through user defined alerts that allow you to act timely to resolve exigencies.

Historic Data Analysis

Import historical data to make all insights available in retrospect. Understand where generation was lost in the past and take steps to ensure it does not happen again.


Prescinto can generate customizable reports to compile data for analysis and presentation. Report generation can be automated to be delivered across multiple mediums or simply downloaded.

Operational Cost Optimization

Move from a Preventive Maintenance approach to a need-based maintenance approach with data-backed insight, resulting in a reduction in operational costs.

Contract and Warranty Management

Monitor contracts and their renewals for staff or third party contractors. In addition, keep an eye on warranties and their expiration for equipment deployed at a project.

EHS Management

Ensure safety of your team and environment by incorporating Job Safety Analysis and Permit to Work in your workflows. Capture every unsafe condition or incident and track steps taken to eliminate them.

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Project Owner’s Prescinto Journey


Configure users and their access rights based on roles or requirements of the project on Prescinto's platform


Onboard data onto the platform with its secure and seamless support of all major protocols (OPC-UA/DA, Modbus, FTP, OSI-PI, etc.)


Fully customizable dashboards with flexible widgets to monitor portfolio, plant, and device level performance


Apply data science models to identify areas of underperformance to estimate losses in generation


Configure automated delivery of user-defined reports to a host of devices for efficient and timely communication


Execute corrective and preventive work orders created by Prescinto's AI for improved plant productivity

Testimonials Some of the leading names in the industry are improving their ROI with Prescinto

Prescinto has a unique combination of in-depth sector specific tools to identify reasons of underperformance, have them visualized at a portfolio, plant and a device level and then convert them into work orders for site teams. Prescinto was also able to give us the customization in dashboards and reporting that we follow as a best practice across our group.

Amit Kumar Mittal Senior Vice President and Head Operations

Radiance Renewables


Prescinto is also built for...


Field Force Management

Leverage the complete maintenance management system to increase field force efficiency and productivity to improve plant performance and reduce costs

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O&M Automation

Auto trigger work orders based on user-defined criteria and predictive AI models. Move away from time-based work orders to performance-based work orders, thereby increasing efficiency

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Work Order Analytics

Track the effectiveness and capability of your teams by analyzing work order data and optimizing their work flow accordingly

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