EPC Contractors like Harsha Abakus have a significant part of their cash flows tied into project performance. A dependable platform with monitoring, reporting and loss analysis capabilities is essential to ensure guaranteed parameters are met.
EPC Contractor’s Prescinto Journey

Communication Architecture Design

Prescinto works with EPC teams to map out equipment that need to be connected, I/O Tags, redundancy requirements and local storage architecture to design robust and cost effective Communication Architecture.


Hardware Supply

Prescinto sources communication panels, industrial grade embedded PCs, switches and other components of communication infrastructure from Tier 1 OEMs.


SCADA Commissioning

Prescinto’s on-site commissioning crew installs communication panels, makes connections, configures plant and commissions SCADA locally at the project site.


Data Acquisition & Analysis

Prescinto acquires data from all major devices and protocols, displays it in custom dashboards and delivers actionable intelligence.


Contract & Warranty Management

Prescinto measures all the KPIs and tracks warranties in a single dashboard. From Generation related guarantees to Fault Resolution SLAs and from Warranties expiration to Contract renewals, Prescinto tracks and assists you.


Feedback to Engineering Team

Prescinto analytics shares feedback on equipment and design choices made for the projects. Benchmark performance of different makes of equipment to finetune procurement and design strategy for future.

Prescinto equips you with most comprehensive digital toolkit to ensure EPC cost reduction & contract compliance
  • IoT Enabled

    IoT Enabled hardware allows for faster commissioning, lower cost and over the air updates.

  • Tier 1 OEM Hardware

    Prescinto has partnerships with Tier 1 suppliers of industrial grade components that go into communication panels ensuring robust and lasting communication infrastructure.

  • Accelerated Commissioning

    Trained commissioning team and easy to install embedded PCs based architecture allows for faster commissioning.

  • Documentation Vault

    Store all drawings, equipment specifications and warranties, contracts, manuals and checklists in Prescinto’s Documentation Vault to ensure a smooth handover of the plant.

  • Local SCADA & Cloud Platform

    End to end solution from installing SCADA at the site level to monitoring and analyzing data of a portfolio of projects over cloud across the world.

  • Web, Android & iOS Apps

    Executives & analysts can check out mobile app on the move or deepdive over a browser. Mobile apps also allow the site teams to update work orders on the field and upload photos easily.

  • Equipment OEM Agnostic

    Able to fetch data from all Equipment of a plant irrespective of make over all major protocols - OPC, FTP, TCP IP, Modbus and more.

  • Performance Benchmarking

    Compare performance of equipment, contractors and designs across multiple projects to get learnings for future projects.

  • Loss Waterfall

    Check out Energy losses bucketed with reasons upto equipment level.


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