After using clunky legacy field force management systems, Solarig - world’s 3rd largest independent solar operator migrated its entire fleet to Prescinto mobile-first platform for Operators.
O&M Contractor’s Prescinto Journey

Data Acquisition

Prescinto supports all major protocols and devices to acquire large Variety (electrical, weather and manual data), Volume (450 mn data points / day) and Velocity (as high as 250 ms frequency) of data and store in cloud.


Team & Asset Configuration

Prescinto allows admins to add and edit Users Rights and Access according to their role. Prescinto’s onboarding team helps to configure plants and teams typically at a speed of 1 plant per day.


Dashboards & Reports

Prescinto provides portfolio, plant and device level dashboards – all customizable in the hands of the user. Users can set up custom reports which can be downloaded, sent over email or SMS at a time and frequency of your choosing.


Preventive, Corrective & Predictive Maintenance

Equipment Alarms, Underperformance Insights, Preventive Maintenance Schedule and Prescinto’s Prediction Engine suggested downtimes are all converted into tickets which are then executed by the site team with ability to upload documents and photos on app.


Contract & Warranty Management

Prescinto measures all the KPIs and tracks warranties in a single dashboard. From Generation related guarantees to Fault Resolution SLAs and from Warranties expiration to Contract renewals, Prescinto tracks and assists you.


Analysis for Cost Reduction

Benchmark the efficiency of site crew across sites. Track and save on generation linked penalties by avoiding downtimes altogether and understand how to lower Manpower / MW by prioritizing site crew’s work.

Prescinto equips your project with the most comprehensive digital toolkit to reduce O&M Cost & improve Team Performance
  • Loss Waterfall

    Check out Energy losses bucketed with reasons upto equipment level.

  • Alarm Prioritization & Downtime

    Downtime of different equipment has different impacts on energy loss. Act on alarms stacked according to the magnitude of the losses.

  • Fault Frequency & Resolution

    Measure and categorize Mean Time to Resolve and Mean Time Between Failures by device type, specific equipment and root cause.

  • Environment Health & Safety

    Capture, track, close and analyse progress on Unsafe Acts, Conditions and incidents at your site.

  • Module Cleaning & Vegetation Management

    Dedicated modules for capturing progress on Module Cleaning and Vegetation Management and study their impact on generation.

  • Over the Air Updates

    Have the latest version of Prescinto with all the latest updates, improvements and features on your desktop and mobile with over the air updates.

  • Web, Android & iOS Apps

    Executives & analysts can check out mobile app on the move or deepdive over a browser. Mobile apps also allow the site teams to update work orders on the field and upload photos easily.

  • Vendor Agnostic

    Able to fetch data from all Equipment and Hardware Suppliers over all major protocols - OPC, FTP, TCP IP, Modbus and more.

  • Multilingual

    Supports 15 International and 8 Indian Regional Languages including Japanese, Spanish, German, Kannada, Gujarati and more.


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