Prescinto for Asset Operators

All-in-one tool to guarantee
 O&M excellence

Ensure energy availability, and empower your business to efficiently fulfil diverse contracts with AI-powered digital intelligence

Enhance your Remote Operations Center

Supercharge your monitoring with advanced visualization across asset types. Automate operations with condition-based work order creation, and more

Get event-based actionable insights in 
real time

Leverage our intelligent and accurate alarm managements system for you to take quick meaningful action, drive the best energy-based availability, and reduce operational costs

Manage and automate work orders with in-built CMMS

Integrated platform to manage and track all types of work orders, ensure contractual compliance, optimize availability, and safety of asset management.

Get data from anywhere, seamlessly

Best in class architecture, enhanced data availability, and native data warehouse and integrations to BI tools.

Good data = Good decisions

Impactful use cases for everyone in your team

Field Service

Field service

  • Scheduling regular maintenace activities
  • Compliance to SOPs and safety norms
  • ROC


  • Effective live monitoring across locations with map view
  • Detect anomalies quickly with custom alerts and create work orders on the go
  • Portfolio wise, domain independant, unified view of all your assets
  • Site manager/Operations

    Site manager/Operations

  • Calculate Mean Time to Repair(MTTR) and Mean Time Between Repairs (MTBF)
  • Track compliance to maintainance strategy
  • Contract and document management+sanity
  • Easy facility and safety audits
  • Performance Manager

    Performance Manager

  • Easy data visualisation with custom technical dashboards
  • Detect underperformance with advanced algorithms
  • Identify losses and get recommendations for corrective measures
  • Curious to see how you can supercharge your O&M?

    ROI Calculator

    See the impact Prescinto can have on your generation, revenue, maintenance, and reporting with our interactive calculator