Unlock your plant’s potential with Hindcasting Analytics

Get a comprehensive assessment of your renewable power plant’s technical health based on historical data and test Prescinto’s capabilities with a detailed rear-view diagnostic report.

Powerful insights to optimize operations and output

Hindcasting analysis benchmarks historical performance, quantifies losses, and highlights potential technical issues or defects, enabling you to resolve any potential risks before they become major problems.

Data Governance

Use our data acquisition capabilities to centralize your data and the data governance tool to understand key data issues impacting your projects. 

Recommendation Engine

Our intelligent algorithm identifies the root cause of silent loss trends and makes a series of actionable recommendations to reduce production losses.

Harness the power of data

4.9MW plant in Europe- Identified 8 consistently underperforming inverters owing to inefficiencies/DC side issues and abnormally high heat-sink temperatures leading to average 6.5% lower PR.
150MW plant in EU – Uncovered opportunity to improve generation by 5.3% by reducing downtime losses & improving string current, amounting to approx. $500k in additional revenue.
5MW solar plant – Identified opportunity to improve generation by 2.39%, only from Prescinto’s string analytics and loss bucketing analysis.

And there’s more!

Prescinto empowers you to elevate your assets and ensure they reach their full potential throughout their lifecycle

Reduce operational costs

With advanced analytics, diagnostics, and an in-built computerized maintenance management system

Maximise your asset’s value

Maximise your asset’s value

Improve asset valuation during M&A, sell-offs, and contract negotiations

ROI Calculator

See the impact Prescinto can have on your generation, revenue, maintenance, and reporting with our interactive calculator

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