Building software that Enables Clean Energy Companies to Realize the Full Potential of their assets

Our Mission

To be the operating system of every clean energy project.

Our Values

Customer Centricity

Our platform is tailor made with a focus on the customer's specific needs. We aim to provide them with the means to maximize the efficiency of their teams and projects.

Problem Solving

Using our deep understanding of the clean technology sector, we have developed the platform to provide clients with a superior user experience while giving them valuable insights.


While ideas are dime a dozen, their execution is what matters. With our eyes on the future but feet firmly on the ground, we're shipping code, onboarding projects, and creating value for our customers.


We're inspired by growth. We believe in hard work and draw strength from our desire to provide the best service to our clients.


Any problem of the customer, or the company, or team member, is our problem. We are professionals but we are also partners in their success.


We aim to add value to companies that we are working with by maximizing the power of clean energy projects and helping develop a more sustainable future.

The Prescinto Team

Puneet Singh Jaggi Founder,
Chief Executive Officer

Sanjay Bhasin Co-founder,
Chief Strategy Officer

Ram Menon Co-founder,
Chief Technology Officer

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