A holistic view of the entire portfolio


Active Monitoring

Data Acquisition and Validation

Acquire data over all major Protocols like OPC UA/DA, Modbus, FTP, and API to create a rich data bank in the same platform. Apply advanced algorithms to detect anomalies in the incoming data.

Customizable Dashboards & Reports

Harness plant and device level performance data and visualize it through fully customizable dashboards and reports that can be created by users based on their needs and KPIs.

Instant Alerts to Work Orders

Stay on top with user-defined alerts and alarms to instantaneously inform of any deviations or system failures. Further, document the time and effort taken to resolve issues to measure the capability of your teams

Enhanced Portfolio Management

Use actionable insights to boost generation from clean energy project portfolios by identifying areas of underperformance and addressing the same in a timely manner, thereby increasing generation and reducing costs.


Analyze performance to boost generation


Why Analyze?

Cross-Plant Analysis

Prescinto creates comparisons between projects within the portfolio to measure performance and generation variances, and presents them in the same dashboard

Reduce Downtime

Insights generated by Prescinto’s analysis module helps users to avoid instances of system failures that can result in downtime and lost revenue.

Loss Analysis

Identify and bucket various losses such as soiling, downtime, and systemic so that it is easy for operators to pin point the root causes of generation loss

User-Defined Analytics

If it can be measured, it can be managed. Create custom reports to be used as standard templates to track KPIs across all plants within the portfolio for efficient measurement and comparison


Streamline operations for maximum efficiency


Increased operational efficiency

Spare Optimization

Optimize the deployment of spares across your portfolio with the inventory management module, that tracks the availability and warranty of equipment to reduce wastage and unnecessary costs

EHS Management

Stay on top of Environment, Health, and Safety compliances through Prescinto’s alerts and notification system that allows you to keep a close eye on unforeseen events or violations of best practices

Manpower Optimization

Manage teams across multiple sites, portfolios, and job roles so that they can carry out their responsibilities in an efficient way while keeping downtime to a minimum.

Organized Documentation

Prescinto is able to manage all the required documentation, this includes contracts management, equipment warranties and their expirations, helping its users to avoid penalties

Testimonials Some of the leading names in the industry are improving their ROI with Prescinto

Prescinto has a unique combination of in-depth sector specific tools to identify reasons of underperformance, have them visualized at a portfolio, plant and a device level and then convert them into work orders for site teams. Prescinto was also able to give us the customization in dashboards and reporting that we follow as a best practice across our group.

Amit Kumar Mittal Senior Vice President and Head Operations

Radiance Renewables